North Carolina
Department of Administration

Beverly Eaves Perdue, GovernorMoses Carey Jr., Secretary

Oct. 27, 2011
Jill Warren Lucas

Statement on Removal of Items on Capitol Square
The Department of Administration today requested that the State Capitol Police inform individuals gathered on the Capitol Square sidewalk facing Fayetteville Street that they need to remove assembled property and affixed signs to ensure free and open use by all citizens. The action does not require those gathered on the sidewalk to leave.
DOA has a statutory responsibility (GS § 143‑341) to maintain and care for public property, including this historical site, which includes working offices. Boxes, chairs and other assembled property make it difficult for others to use the Capitol Square sidewalk.
Removal of items as requested does not prevent or limit anyone from expressing their views. This and other state-owned spaces remain available for all citizens’ access, enjoyment and use.
Items not removed in a timely manner will be transferred to a secure location at State Capitol Police, 417 N. Salisbury St., Raleigh, and may be collected by owners during normal business hours.