Frequently Asked Questions

Purchase FAQs

  1. Where do you mail payments to?
    Payment must be received at the NC State Surplus Property Agency before property can be released to a buyer. Payments may be mailed or hand delivered to the State Surplus Property Agency. Payment cannot be delivered to any other location. Payments may be mailed to:
    Physical address: (for DHL,Fed Ex,UPS,etc)
    6501 Chapel Hill Rd
    Raleigh, NC 27607
    Mailing address: (for USPS)
    1310 Mail Service Center
    Raleigh NC 27699-1310

  2. Do I need to bring anything with me to pay for or pick up property?
    Please print the Notice of Award you received via e-mail to save time. If someone other than the winning bidder will be picking up the property, please print and complete a Notarized Authorization form sent with your “Notification-Award of Property”. You will need the government issued ID that you used when setting up your account. Persons picking-up property on your behalf will have to present a photo ID that matches the information on the Notarized Authorization.

  3. How will I know how much time I have to pay and remove items I have been awarded?
    The final date for payment and removal is located on the bottom of your "Notice of Award". When an item is posted for sale, the Payment Terms and removal requirements will be posted with the Terms and Conditions or with the advertisement also.

  4. What happens if I am the high bidder on an item and I do not pay for the item?
    If the person/company awarded property fails to pay for the property prior to the time indicated on the "NOTIFICATION - Award of Property", the property purchased will be promptly re-sold in such a manner as the State may elect and the bidder charged with the any loss to the State, if any, together with all expenses of the sale.
    • Should you have placed bids on other items on any bid that has not been opened and you are placed in an ineligible bidder status, all bids associated with your account will be withdrawn.
    • Should your bidding privileges be reinstated, you will have to re-enter all bids that were withdrawn. The system will not reinstate bids withdrawn for any reason.
    • If your account is placed in ineligible bidder status multiple times State Surplus may bar you from bidding permanently

  5. What happens if I pay for the item and do not remove it before the deadline stated on the "Notification Award of Property"?
    If the person/company awarded property does not remove the property purchased prior to the time indicated on the "NOTIFICATION – Award of Property", State Surplus Property Agency reserves the right to resell the property a second time with no refund of any money to the person/ company failing to remove the property before the deadline.

  6. If I bid on more than one item and I am the highest bidder on several items, do I have to purchase all the items?
    Yes. Should a bidder be the highest bidder on more than one item, the bidder is required to purchase all items they are awarded. Therefore, please be prepared to pay for all items you place bids for.

  7. What is the date for second high bid to pay and pick up?
    The date for pay and pick up of second high bid depends on when the invoice was awarded. All final pay and pick up dates are located to the left of "Total Due Amount" on awarded invoice. Each award is given approximately 10 days to pay and pickup.

  8. If awarded more than one item, can I just get one money order for the total owed?
    Yes. The money order must total the amount of the invoice, whether there are one or many items listed.

  9. What are the acceptable forms of payments for awarded items?
    Certified check, Cashier check, official check, money order and cash for invoices under $1000.00 are the only acceptable forms of payment for bid items. (The Retail Store only accepts cash. Items are cash and carry.)

  10. I won an item that is not located at the State Surplus Warehouse in Raleigh, can I pay for it at the site it is located at?
    No, all payments must be made at the SSP office in Raleigh

  11. How are Payments and Shipping handled on eBay?
    Because eBay has its own Payment and Shipping Terms, which may differ from State Surpluses Payment and Shipping Terms, each eBay transaction we list will have its own Payment and Shipping Instructions. Payment and Shipping terms are always specified for each item posted on eBay.