Frequently Asked Questions

Vehicles FAQs

  1. How can I buy a State Surplus Vehicle?
    State Surplus Vehicles may be purchased the following ways:
    Negotiated Sale: State Agencies, Political Subdivisions and Qualified Non-Profits have first priority in surplus vehicle disposition, they may purchase vehicles prior to them being made available to the public through a negotiated sale process. Negotiated sale pricing is based on fair market value. Please check the "Priority Classifieds Information" page for more details or contact us
    Competitive Bid Process: Most vehicles are sold to the public through a competitive bid process. Each bid advertisement is made available with a Bid Opening Date and Time of Opening. Bids are opened on the published time and date and an award is made to the qualifying bidder with the highest bid. Please see Vehicles On Bid.
    Special Retail: NC State Highway Patrol cars may be purchased through retail sales. The NCSHP has adopted a pricing protocol for its vehicles that allows the public to purchase Surplus patrol cars without going through the bid process. For More Information, Availability and Pricing. State Agencies and Political Sub-Divisions may contact the NCSHP 919-733-7956.

  2. What are the prices for the cars?
    Prices are set by the bidding public. Bids are awarded to the highest bidder and amounts are unknown until bidding ends.

  3. Can the vehicles be driven?
    Vehicles cannot be driven. However, they can be started in place. Should a vehicle have a dead battery, our staff will be glad to assist you for a reasonable amount of time with a jump-start.

  4. When is this car on bid?
    Vehicles will be placed on the next available bid as they are released for sale.

  5. How much should I bid?
    Bid amounts are at the discretion of the bidder. Bidders should be comfortable with the amount they are willing to bid.

  6. What is the highest bid amount?
    Bid amounts are unknown until bidding times end. We are unable to view the current bid amounts.

  7. How do I know if I won the bid?
    Shortly after the online bid opens and the bids are tabulated, we will post the winners on our website and the system will send an automated "Notice of Award" to the e-mail address you entered when you registered. If you feel you are the highest bidder for item(s) and you are unable to check your account page or our website, please feel free to call us at 919-854-2160. Please have the Bid Number and Item Number available when you call.

  8. Why do you auction some vehicles on ebay?
    Certain specialty vehicles are placed on our EBay auctions.

  9. How do I have to pay for the vehicle?
    All payments must be in the form of cashier's check, certified check or money order. Payment, along with the bottom portion of the "Notification - Award of Property", must be received at the NC State Surplus Property Agency and all property must be removed before the close of business on the date indicated on the "Notification - Award of Property" unless otherwise noted in the Special Terms and Conditions listed within the Description of the item being sold. Certified/Cashier's checks or money orders must be made payable to: State Surplus Property Agency.

  10. What if I win more than one car?
    If you are awarded more than one vehicle you will be expected to purchase all you were awarded. If you only want to purchase one, please only bid on a single vehicle.

  11. Can I test drive the vehicle?
    No, you can start a vehicle, but not drive it.

  12. When can I view the vehicle?
    All property is available for viewing while the bid is posted online. This is normally for a period of two weeks. The State Surplus Property vehicle lot is open Monday thru Friday 9am to 4:30, if the vehicle is not located at this facility please check with the site where the property is located for their hours.

  13. Can I get the keys to a vehicle?
    Keys may be checked out for the vehicles which are listed on a bid currently posted online. Once a bid ends, vehicles must be paid for before the keys are released.

  14. What is wrong with this vehicle?
    The description of property offered for sale has been compiled from available data, and there is no guarantee or warranty on the part of State Surplus Property Agency as to number, condition, or quality of property offered. Vehicles may have problems not listed. Photographs and descriptions are provided solely for the purpose of aiding you to identify items of interest. In no way should they be used in making a determination of quality or condition. All property is sold "As is" and "Where is" with "All Faults" and "No Warranty, Written or Implied".

  15. Where is the car located?
    Vehicles' location will be stated in the bid comments of the online listing.

  16. Will vehicles pass state inspection?
    Vehicles sold by the State Surplus Property Agency may not pass a state inspection. All surplus items are sold "AS IS - WHERE IS".

  17. How do I get my title to a vehicle?
    We have titles for all government vehicles we sell. Successful bidders for seized vehicles will receive a title application to be submitted to the NC Department of Motor Vehicles so a title can be issued. The titles and title applications will only be issued to the person whose name appears on the bid. Titles or title applications will not be issued to any other person. Should you wish the vehicle be titled to a business, please submit the business name in the space provided.

  18. I am not a NC resident; will my home state accept the NCDMV Title Application for a seized vehicle?
    If you are not NC state resident and purchase a seized vehicle it is the responsibility of the buyer to insure that the home state will accept NC’s title application and issue a title. If they will not you can title the vehicle in NC as a non-resident. All standard taxes and fees will be required by NC DMV.

  19. How long do I have to pay for a vehicle?
    The final date for payment is listed on the Notice of Award that is emailed to the winning bidder. Generally you have approximately 10 days.

  20. What happens if I pay for the item and do not remove it before the deadline stated on the "Notification Award of Property"?
    If the person/company awarded property does not remove the property purchased prior to the time indicated on the "NOTIFICATION - Award of Property", State Surplus Property Agency reserves the right to resell the property a second time with no refund of any money to the person/ company failing to remove the property before the deadline.

  21. What about sales tax?
    Sales tax is not collected, you pay what you bid.

  22. Is there a charge to register as a bidder or to make a purchase?

  23. Do I have to be a dealer to attend auctions?
    No, all auctions are open to the general public.

  24. How accurate are photographs and descriptions?
    Photographs and descriptions are provided solely for the purpose of aiding you to identify items of interest. In no way should they be used in making a determination of quality or condition. You are invited and encouraged to inspect any item of interest prior to bidding.