The Youth Advocacy and Involvement Office is home to three councils that benefit North Carolina's youth. For more information about each council, view the associated statutes by clicking on the link.

North Carolina Internship Council

Purpose: Serves as the governing body of the State Government Internship Program. The Council determines the appropriateness of proposals for student intern projects, determines the number of interns to be placed per project, screens applications and selects interns.
Number of members: 17, 14 by Governor, 1 by President Pro Tempore of the Senate, 1 Speaker of House, Sec of Admin.
Length of term: 2 years
Establishment: GS 143B-417

State Youth Council

Purpose: Comprised of teenagers from local youth councils across North Carolina. The SYC provides opportunities for young people to be involved in local and state projects, participate in government, develop leadership skills, and represent youth in civic activities.
Number of members: varies, comprised of members of local youth councils
Length of terms: none stated
Establishment: GS 143B-387

North Carolina Youth Advisory Council

Purpose: Provides support and advice to the State Youth Council (SYC) and local youth councils. YAC is composed of adults and high school students. The council receives public and private gifts and donations for the NC Youth Endowment Fund, a public/private partnership trust fund for youth programs. It also administers the distribution of mini-grants to youth programs.
Number of members: 20, 10 adults appointed by Governor, 10 youth by the Youth Advisory Council
Length of terms: 2 years
Establishment: GS 143B-385