Courier Mail

Courier Mail is used for official state government mail between state agencies across the state, as well as, city, county and local governments, and universities and is delivered to a predetermined drop box. Designated users are provided with a key to the drop box and have the ability to deposit mail or retrieve mail daily.

Potential users of the Courier Service are listed below:

  • N.C. State Government Agencies
  • UNC System
  • N.C. Community Colleges
  • N.C. Public School Systems
  • N.C. City and County Government with Ties to State Government

Courier mail is delivered at night in the central portion of the state, delivered daily in the western portion and the most eastern portions of the state.

Courier mail is billed at the USPS rate less a thirty percent (30%) discount, plus additional fees for class B and C mail. There are three classes of Courier Mail.

Class A Regular letters and parcels Billed at USPS rate less 30% discount
Class B Parcels over 50 pounds Billed at USPS rate less 30% discount plus $12.00 flat fee
Class C Letters, parcels or packages that are a Biohazard and or Time Sensitive Billed at USPS rate less 30% discount plus $6.00 flat fee. Most lab samples will fall into this class.

Courier mail is billed through our Fiscal Office through the Courier Service billing system and will show up as Class  A, B or C in the billing description.  The thirty percent (30%) discount will reflected on your billing.

When addressing Courier Mail, please be sure your return address with courier number or MSC number is in the upper left hand corner of your letter/package and you have the Agency Name and courier number listed in the center of the letter/package. View an example of a properly completed Courier Envelope.

When addressing courier mail, please be sure you have attached a Mail Service Center Mailing Form, with a valid barcode number on the form. You can bundle all your courier mail with one mailing form. All mail types should be individually grouped with their own mailing form properly marked with the mail type. Example, all USPS* mail should be bundled separately from Courier, etc.

*USPS First Class and Presort services are currently only available to state agencies inside of Wake County with a valid NCAS code.

Starting Service

Any agency wishing to subscribe to the service should send a notice in writing 30 days prior to desired start date to:

Mail Service Center
5901 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, NC 27699-5901


The agency will then be contacted with the necessary information.

Changing Service

If a change in service becomes necessary such as:

  • changing location(s)
  • changing drop point(s)
  • changing agency name(s)

The agency should send a written notice via courier or email to with necessary changes and a contact person.