962B - Document Destruction Services

North Carolina has joined the OMNIA Partners, Public Sector cooperative purchasing program to provide this Statewide Term Contract for secured document shredding services and the destruction of pill bottles and hospital wristbands.  Contract offers:

  • On-site and off-site destruction services of paper documents only (pill bottles and wristbands will be done in a secured off-site location)
  • Free on-site risk assessment of facility for re-occurring services only.
  • Certified security representatives
  • All services come with a Certificate of Destruction and all destroyed paper is 100% securely recycled locally
  • X-ray destruction may be considered based on quantities and market but will require a separate quote for completion

Please review the Shred-it contract documents for full details.

This contract is a convenience contract for state departments and most state agencies, and by state higher education institutions (except under the conditions specified in G.S. §115D-58.14(a) and G.S. §116-13). This contract may also be utilized, without further competition, by non-mandatory state agencies and other eligible entities.

Contract Manager: Austin Kiziah

Telephone Number: 984-236-0237

eProcurement Status: Loaded

962B - Document Destruction Services


PDF • 249.6 KB - November 22, 2023