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  • Coming Soon: Beginning March 1, state agencies must use the new MSC Barcode Mailing Slip for all mail. The new barcode link will be available Feb. 29, to be used beginning March 1.  

    After March 1, mail without the new slip will not be picked up. 

Addressing MSC, State Courier mail

Track Deliveries

Use the MSC Package Tracker link below to track mail that was delivered to your MSC address.

MSC Package Tracker



Fed Ex


Mailing Resources

Mailing Outside Wake Co.

State Courier Service

Use State Courier addresses to mail letters/packages to government agency locations outside of Wake County.

Get Courier Barcode & Facing Slip

Find Courier Addresses

Find Courier Box Locations

New Courier Request

Delete/Change Courier Service

Mailing to Wake Co.

MSC Service

Use MSC addresses to mail all letters or packages to government agency locations within Wake County.

Get MSC Barcode & Facing Slip

The new MSC Barcode Mailing Slip will be available Feb. 29.

Find MSC Addresses 

Request/Change MSC Service

Delete current MSC Service

Add/Update MSC Barcode service is currently unavailable. Please contact the MSC Help Desk at if you need assistance.


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