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State Construction Office sections

Design Review

The SCO Design Review Section conducts comprehensive review and approval for bidding and construction of all construction documents prepared under State contract for construction and/or renovation of all State owned/leased facilities.

The section also assists the design contract administrator in designer selection and the construction monitor at construction site visit to resolve technical or contractual issues and in final inspection and acceptance of the project. Under emergency conditions, Design Review assists State and Federal Emergency Management in assessing damage in disaster areas.

Design Submittal in Interscope

Construction Management

SCO Construction Management monitors the construction phase of capital improvement projects for compliance with approved plans and specifications. Construction Management aids the owning agencies statewide on active and planned construction projects.

In addition, Construction Management conducts assessments of State-owned buildings every three years to identify repair and renovation needs with cost estimates, as part of the Facility Condition Assessment Program (FCAP). 

Project Monitor Area Map

Electrical Inspectors Area Map

Downtown Complex Consulting Services

The SCO Consulting Services Section (CSS) is the owner/project manager for the North Carolina Department of Administration. 

As such it oversees design and construction for the downtown complex.

NC State Government Complex

Capital Project Management

The SCO Capital Project Management section provides services for state agencies, community colleges and universities undergoing projects which are more complex and costly than more typical projects. These projects involve unique factors, sometimes lacking in precedence, along with technical complexity which requires greater professional knowledge of complex capital projects and detailed technical procedures.

The section's services can include: consultation, evaluation & planning, design, design review & approval, project management and budget oversight including supervision of all staff levels, and more. The CPM section also maintains designer and contractor capital project cash flow data for projects in its purview, working with the Office of State Budget and Management to access State Capital and Infrastructure Fund (SCIF) grants when necessary.

Additionally, the section assists in planning the State Government Complex in downtown Raleigh.


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