0002A - Goods and Services from NPWCBSD

This contract covers goods and services that are available through the Non-Profit Work Centers for the Blind and Severely Disabled (NPWCBSD), in accordance with § G.S. 143-129.5. This contract covers comprehensive product lines from multiple vendors including the following highlighted item types:


  • Batteries
  • Lights
  • Janitorial supplies
  • Office supplies and consumables
  • Warehousing storage
  • Police- and military-style gear
  • Prescription dress and safety eyewear
  • Mattresses


3PL Services (Industries of the Blind) and Call Center Services (Winston-Salem Industries for the Blind) are available through the contract. Requirements shall be negotiated between the using agency and vendor on a case-by-case basis. The using agency should submit a scope-of-work to the respective vendor for a quote.

This is a mandatory statewide term contract for state agencies, departments, institutions, universities, and community colleges, unless exempted by North Carolina General Statute. Additionally, non-mandatory entities, including schools and local government, which are allowed by general statute may use this contract.

Contract Manager: Melissa Pressley

Telephone Number: 984-236-0257

eProcurement Status: Loaded


0002A - Goods and Services from NPWCBSD


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