Using Public Grounds or Buildings

Permit Process for Using Public Buildings or Grounds

Before hosting a display, meeting, demonstration or other such event within a public building or ground, you must have an approved permit.

1. Complete and submit an Application to Use Public Buildings and/or Grounds
Applications must be submitted at least 3 days but no more than 180 days before the event and will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis depending on availability. NCDOA will contact the requestor if the space is not available to see if another space and/or time would be suitable. 

2. NCDOA assigns a permit number and reserves the time/space on the facility's calendar. 

3. State Capitol Police evaluates the permit for safety and security and approves or denies request. Note: Permits for use of the Capitol Grounds are coordinated among multiple agencies to ensure there are no conflicts.

4. Once the permit is approved or denied, NCDOA sends a letter to the requestor conveying the decision. Approved requests will be sent a permit packet containing rules, maps and other details. 


Permit Process for Using Tents/Canopies on Public Grounds

Before erecting a tent, canopy or other structure on public ground, you must have an approved permit. NC Fire Prevention Code requires such structures be evaluated for fire and life safety and the State Construction Office is responsible for those evaluations and permits.

1. Complete and submit a Tent/Canopy/Membrane Permit
Applications must be submitted to the State Construction Office (SCO) at least 30 days but no more than 180 days before the event. Drawings referenced on the permit application do not have to be an engineered drawing; sketches or maps with dimensions are acceptable. 

2. NCDOA State Construction Office will evaluate the application for satisfactory evidence that the proposed structure will meet minimum code requirements. If approved, SCO will issue a permit for the use of the tent in the form of a signed approval letter/E-mail.

NOTE: SCO's approval only acknowledges code compliance and does not permit applicants to use the public grounds. Permits to use public buildings or grounds require a Building or Ground Use Permit (see above).  


More information on using a tent or canopy on public grounds: