2517A - Tires and Tire Services – All Types

This contract covers the state’s normal requirements for all types of new tires and tire-related services in the following categories:

  • CATEGORY A – Pursuit and performance tires (Charger, Tahoe, Crown Vic, Explorer)
  • CATEGORY B – Automobile / passenger vehicles
  • CATEGORY C – Light duty trucks: radial and bias
  • CATEGORY D – Medium commercial / heavy duty trucks / buses
  • CATEGORY E – Off the Road OTR: radial and bias
  • CATEGORY F – Agriculture / farm
  • CATEGORY G – Industrial tires
  • CATEGORY H – Specialty tires

This contract does not cover retread tires or any other general vehicle repair parts or maintenance services.

This is a mandatory statewide term contract for state agencies, departments, institutions, universities, community colleges, and non-mandatory entities including schools and local governments.

Contract Manager: Pamela Case

Telephone Number: 984-236-0249

eProcurement Status: Loaded

2517A - Tires and Tire Services – All Types


PDF • 195.36 KB - August 30, 2023