7612B - Recycling Services for Electronic Equipment

This contract is intended to offer a flexible menu of options for local (Level A) and state (Level B) agencies in managing discarded electronic equipment. These options are meant to serve not only units of government but also city and county recycling programs that collect materials from the public.

Level A: Municipal, county government entities, and local government collection programs that receive electronic products and materials from the public are covered under Level A of this contract. Collections under these programs are coordinated by the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), formerly known as the Department of Environment and Natural Resources. Please reference the Awarded Vendors section for more details.

Level B: State departments, public universities, community colleges, and local education agencies are covered under Level B Services of this contract. Local education agencies may, at their discretion, partner with public recycling programs operated by local governments for the management of materials. Furthermore, in these instances, the materials they generate are covered by Level A of this contract. Collections under this program are coordinated by the State Surplus Property agency. Powerhouse Recycling is the only vendor for Level B.

This contract is mandatory for state departments, most state agencies and state higher education institutions (except under the conditions specified in G.S. §115D-58.14(a) and G.S. §116-13). The contract may also be utilized, without further competition, by non-mandatory state agencies and other eligible entities.

Contract Manager: Austin Kiziah

Telephone Number: 984-236-0237

eProcurement Status: Not Loaded

7612B - Recycling Services for Electronic Equipment


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