975B - Vehicle Rental Services

North Carolina has joined NASPO ValuePoint Cooperative Purchasing to provide this Statewide Term Contract for the following vehicle rental services:

  • Sedans (Compact, Standard/Intermediate, and Full Size)
  • Passenger Vans (Mini-Vans, 12 Passenger Vans)
  • Passenger Vans (15 Passenger Vans)
  • SUVs (Small SUV (5 Passenger) and Large SUV (7-8 Passengers)
  • Green Vehicles (Hybrid and Alternate Fuel)
  • Pick-Ups and Cargo (Small Pick-up, Large Pick-up and Cargo Van)
  • Cargo Vans (larger than 2,500 lbs. payload)

This contract is a convenience contract for state departments and most state agencies, and for state higher education institutions (except under the conditions specified in G.S. §115D-58.14(a) and G.S. §116-13). This contract may also be utilized, without further competition, by non-mandatory state agencies and other eligible entities.

Contract Manager: Austin Kiziah

Telephone Number: 984-236-0237

eProcurement Status: Loaded

975B - Vehicle Rental Services


PDF • 249.8 KB - November 22, 2023