American Indian Services Report

American Indian Services Report

The North Carolina Department of Administration’s Council for Women and Youth Involvement (CFWYI) collects demographic and service provision information from domestic violence (DV) and sexual assault (SA) agencies throughout the state including services provided to those experiencing human trafficking (HT).

This report examines services provided to American Indians across the state within the last 10 fiscal years, while taking a closer look at percentages of American Indian clients served in selected North Carolina counties within the last five fiscal years. Findings indicate that services provided to American Indians vary greatly by county and are not always correlated with the county population of American Indians.

Qualitative interviews were conducted with selected agencies to explore why certain patterns exist in the data. These interviews illustrate some misconceptions surrounding the needs of American Indian clients and access to resources for American Indian survivors of DV and SA. The report also explores the need for culturally specific outreach to American Indian communities.

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