4617A – Locking Devices and Accessories


PDF • 172.64 KB - March 29, 2023

This contract covers the state’s normal requirements for locking devices and accessories in the following categories:

  • Category A Padlocks, Padlocks-Removable Core, Padlock Case Less Core
  • Category B Combination Padlocks (Non-Key), Combination Padlocks (Key Control)
  • Category C Auxiliary Locks, Deadbolts
  • Category D Electronic Locks and Components
  • Category E Exit Devices
  • Category F Door Lock Sets, Door Lock Sets Less Core
  • Category G Lock Cores/Cylinders
  • Category H Door Closers
  • Category I Key Blanks, Key Machines, Pinning Kit, Door Protectors, Cabinet Locks, Butts & Hinges

For access to the awarded vendors in each category along with the manufacturer and the discount off MSRP, see 4617A awarded discount rates.

Contract Manager: Pamela Case

Telephone Number: 919-323-5027

eProcurement Status: Loaded