958B - Fleet Management Services

This contract is intended to cover the state’s normal requirements for fleet management services in the following areas:
  1. Program Management
  2. External Maintenance Management
  3. In-House Garage Module
  4. Technology Management
  5. Vehicle In-Service Support
  6. Accident Management
  7. Fuel Integration
  8. Telematics Support
  9. Implementation & Change Management
  10. Additional FMS Services
  • Ordering & Supply Chain
  • Data Integration
  • Chargeback to Agencies
  • Driver Risk Management
  • Outsourced Fleet Administration Program
This is a convenience Statewide Term Contract for state agencies, departments, institutions, universities, community colleges, and non-mandatory entities including schools and local governments.

Contract Manager: Melissa Pressley

Telephone Number: 984-236-0257

eProcurement Status: Not Loaded

958B - Fleet Management Services


PDF • 179.87 KB - September 18, 2023