The Tribal Recognition Program was created by the North Carolina Commission of Indian Affairs to assist the Commission and the Recognition Committee in reviewing completed petitions for State Recognition and to provide technical assistance to petitioning groups. N.C. Gen. Stat. § 143B-406 (1977). To view the North Carolina legislation that created the N.C. Commission of Indian Affairs, go to: 

To view North Carolina’s Tribal Recognition Procedures, go to:

Below are technical assistance documents that have been developed by the Recognition Committee of the Commission of Indian Affairs. This material is intended to help a petitioning group prepare a fully documented petition. 

Sample Guide A-Documented Petition Description with a Suggested Outline for Concise Written Narrative

Sample Guide B-Guided Assistance for Petition Documentation

Sample Guide C-List of Primary Sources vs. Secondary Sources for Genealogical Documents

Sample Guide D-Genealogical Methodology Guide

Sample Guide E-Sources for Genealogical Assistance

Sample Form F-Ancestry Chart

Sample Form G-Individual History Chart

Sample Form H-Current Membership Roll Chart

Sample Letter I-Notice of Intent to Petition for State Recognition

Sample Letter J-Change of Address and Contact Information

Sample Letter K-Change of Leadership and Contact Information

Sample Letter L-Change of Group Name and Contact Information


For technical assistance regarding the Tribal Recognition Program, please contact:

Mailing Address:
State Tribal Recognition Program
1317 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, NC 27699-1317