Using the Grants Management System

Welcome to the Council for Women & Youth Involvement's Enterprise Business Service (EBS) Grants Management System

EBS streamlines contract and budget administration, providing a more efficient and user-friendly process for grant recipients and subrecipients. While the system is still under development, some functionality is now live!

Designed for Council for Women & Youth Involvement grantees and subgrantees, the system will enable users and CFWYI staff to:

  • Create and execute agreements
  • Submit actual budget and budget change requests
  • Submit expenditure and reimbursement reports
  • Approve grant payments/reimbursements
  • Monitor/track grant progress
  • Conduct research and analysis


For answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the CFWYI Grants Management System, click here.

If you are a state grantee (sexual assault, domestic violence, marriage license fees, and divorce filing fees) and/or federal subgrantee (Family Violence Prevention and Services Act), there are important action items that you must address before you can utilize the new system. Please follow the step-by-step instructions outlined below to get started. 

What you'll need to access the NC EBS Portal:

  • You must use the current version of Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge to access the system. While some other browsers may be compatible, Chrome and Edge are the only browsers for which assistance and support are available. 
  • Each user needs an NCID and password, and each agency can have up to three (3) registered users. Click on the following link to Register for your NCID and create an Individual ID.

Questions about registering for the system should go to the CFWYI security coordinator, Sandra Ross, at For help with passwords, go to NCID User Help | NCDIT.

For state grantees and/or federal subgrantees

Tab/Accordion Items

Each CFWYI grantee or subgrantee may designate up to three users for the CFWYI Grants Management System. Separate access requests are required for each user. In addition, each user must have a unique email address and a unique ID. You cannot share an email address or ID with someone else from your agency.

  1. To become a user, individuals must first have an NCID. If you already have an NCID, you do not need to create a new one and you can skip to Step 2. If you do not already have an NCID, you must register for one. Register for your NCID. Once you arrive on the page click on the “Register” link in the bottom right corner. Next, click on the "Individual" button to create an Individual ID.
  2. Once you have an NCID, you should request access to the CFWYI Grants Management System. 
  • If you haven't yet registered for the grants management system, or if you need to correct an error in a prior attempt to register, you will need to request access through the EBS External Access Request Form. To get a link to the Access Request form, contact your region office. Once you have the form open, select “Council for Women & Youth Involvement” from the “agency” drop-down menu at the top of the form. In the “role” drop-down menu, select “grantee.”
  • Please note that the first and last name and email address that you use to register for the EBS Portal must match the information you used to register for your NCID.

All external users will use their NCID credentials to log into the CFWYI Grants Management System. To access the CFWYI Grants Management System, go to the EBS Portal and enter your NCID username and password.

If you cannot access the EBS Portal due to an “authentication error,” or if you have forgotten your NCID password, please try the following instructions. Do not skip any steps.

  1. Close down all internet sessions.
  2. Log onto your NCID account.
  • If you have forgotten your user ID or password, click on the appropriate link and follow the prompts.
  • If your account is locked, click on the appropriate link and follow the prompts.
  • Otherwise, proceed with step 3.
  1. On the "application" tab, click on "setup security questions."
  • Verify your security questions are set up. If they are not, they must be established.
  1. Close down all internet sessions.
  2. Log onto the EBS Portal.

If you are still unable to logon to EBS, repeat the instructions above. However, instead of clicking on the "setup security question" tile (step 3), click on "change my password" and create a new password for the account. Then continue with steps 4 and 5.

Please note that NCID is self-service. You can reset your password on the NCID website. NCID passwords expire every 90 days, and you will receive an email directing you to change your password at those intervals. Failure to change your password on NCID’s website after 180 days will result in your NCID being disabled and loss of access to EBS. Please do not disregard these emails. If your NCID is disabled, you will need to contact NCID support to re-open your account.


  • NCID User Help
  • You may also contact EBS Support with a phone number where you can be reached. They are available Monday through Friday, from 7 am to 4:30 pm.
  • Or contact CFWYI Grants Management System Security Coordinator, Sandra Ross, at

Your agency may have been found eligible for multiple grant awards/contracts with CFWYI. Follow the steps below to create an actual budget for each grant award/contract.

  1. Click on the tile labeled “actual budget CFWYI.”
  2. Click the “create actual budget” button at the top right.
  3. Select the applicable program from the “program” column on the left and click “ok” in the “new actual budget confirmation” popup box. Options include:
  • FY 2022-2023 SA (Dual)
  • FY 2022-2023 SA SA (Standalone)
  • FY 2022-2023 DV
  • FY 2022-2023 DV-MLF
  • FY 2022-2023 DV-DFF
  • FFY 2022-2023 FVPSA Core
  • FFY 2022-2023 FVPSA ARP
  • Coming soon:
    • FFY 2022-2023 FVPSA ARP SA
    • FFY 2022-2023 FVPSA ARP DV
    • FY 2022-2023 Youth Mini Grants
  1. For state grants only, select your region from the “region” drop-down at the top right.
  2. Enter a description in the “description” field in the top right. The description should specify the county (e.g., Pasquotank) or identify the office (e.g., Guilford-High Point) if you are submitting multiple budgets for the same grantee or subrecipient.
  3. If your award has a matching funds requirement, a “matching funds” field will be visible in the top right. Enter the total amount of your required match.
  4. Enter the “requested amount” for each expense type.
    1. For each personnel line item, enter a description and user narrative. To add additional position/title lines, click the blue button. If you need to delete a line, click the  button.
    2. For each expense line item, enter the requested amount in the applicable expense group type and a user narrative.
    3. User narratives are required for each expense type with a requested amount.
  5. Supporting documents are required. For each supporting document, select the applicable document type and click  to upload the document. You may attach as many documents as you need. Please do not upload any personally identifiable information!
  6. If you want to print a PDF of your submission for your records, click the blue “print” button in the top right corner.
  7. Click “save.”
  8. Click “submit.”