SWUC Certification


The Statewide Uniform Certification Program (SWUC) was developed for the threefold purpose of streamlining the certification of historically underutilized businesses, provide a set of uniform standards and procedures through which firms could be certified, and provide for a single database that houses information for all firms certified to participate in Statewide Uniform Certification and any local minority business program.

SWUC Eligibility: Any business meeting the program standards outlined below is eligible to participate in the SWUC program. The standards are as follows:

  • At least fifty-one percent (51%) of the business is owned by one or more persons who are members of at least one of the following groups: Black, Hispanic, Asian American, American Indian, Female, Disabled, or Disadvantaged. 
  • The management and daily business operations are controlled by one or more owners of the business who are members of at least one of the groups set forth in the groups above.

If you are interested in becoming a certified HUB firm, you must first register in the electronic Vendor Portal (eVP), next apply for HUB Certification by submitting additional company information, and lastly, uploading all required documents. Click to get started.

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Please use the new eVP system to complete the Statewide Uniform Certification (SWUC) application process to apply for HUB certification. You will be able to enter business information and upload the required documents into eVP to complete the online SWUC application process.

For specific questions regarding SWUC or to inquire on the status of your application, please contact the HUB office at 984-236-0130 or by email at huboffice.doa@doa.nc.gov.

NOTE: Certification review can take up to 90 days to be completed once all required documents have been uploaded into the eVP system.

If you need assistance with accessing the new eVP system, please contact the Help Desk at 888-211-7440, option 2 or email vendor@nc.gov.