Fleet Acquisition & Assignment

The Fleet Acquisition & Assignment section handles requests from Agency Fleet Coordinators for new vehicles, changes in assignment, DMV Title office services & more.

MFM Rules & Regulations Manual

Vehicle Assignments

Agency Fleet Coordinators may request a new vehicle assignment for their agency using the FM-30 New Application form. Agencies are responsible for ensuring their drivers meet the driver's license requirements in section III of the MFM regulations.

Agencies are responsible for ensuring accurate driver/custodian information is submitted to MFM. Agencies must submit a change of assignment when the assigned driver or vehicle custodian changes.

To change the assigned driver/vehicle custodian, please fill out an FM-30 Change Existing Assignment Request.

DMV Title Office

MFM operates a DMV Title Office, which handles tag and title services for agency- and MFM-owned vehicles. DMV fees and highway use taxes will be billed to your agency monthly. To access these services, please call 919-857-4053 and MFM personnel will set up your account. 

View the following video for a presentation on how to use MFM's DMV Title Office services.

Agency-Owned Vehicles

The DMV Office offers the following services:

  1. New Tag and Title 
  2. Duplicate Title 
  3. Duplicate Registration 
  4. Send title to surplus 
  5. Plate Turn in 
  6. Correct title  
  7. Replacement tag 
  8. Renewal registrations 

Vehicles Leased from Motor Fleet

The DMV Office offers the following services:

  1. Duplicate registration 
  2. White Plate request 
  3. Confidential plate 
  4. Registration renewal 
  5. Replacement tag 


Agency Coordinators may complete and submit any of the following forms to the MFM DMV Office.

Contact Fleet Acquisition & Assignment

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Call DMV Office: 919-857-4053

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