Complaints about Home Schools

Procedure for Handling Complaints & Concerns - Home Schools

  1. Complaints are not accepted or acted upon during the months of June, July and August since the compulsory attendance and the non-public school laws of North Carolina are not applicable while local schools are out of session during the summer months.

    During September thru May, complaints/concerns are accepted only about schools which enroll students who are of compulsory attendance age (at least age 7 but not yet age 16) and which are currently registered with the North Carolina Division of Non-Public Education.

    If the school is not registered, your concern should, instead, be voiced to local public school compulsory attendance enforcement officials. If your complaint or concern includes allegations (other than home school statutory related issues) of abuse or neglect of a child in the care and custody of any school or a particular household, immediately notify your local DSS or local law enforcement agency.

  2. All complaints and concerns about home schools received by the North Carolina Division of Non-Public Education (DNPE) staff must be in writing; on the appropriate prescribed DNPE Citizen Complaint Form; and, include:
    1. Permission from the complainant for a copy of the complaint or concern to be sent to the school. If permission is not included on the proper written complaint form, the complaint or concern will not be pursued any further.
      For efficiency reasons, anonymous or oral complaints and concerns are not accepted or acted upon.
    2. Brief, concise details which support the specific legal requirement of the North Carolina Non-Public Education Statutes which has allegedly been violated.
    3. Any other pertinent information bearing on the legal requirement(s) cited on the Citizen Complaint Form, including names, dates, places, circumstances, etc.
  3. A copy of the complaint or concern is forwarded by DNPE to the school requesting that the school promptly consider and investigate the allegations and then respond before a specific date (usually within 10 days).

    Response to Complaint Form is also included.

  4. The school forwards its completed Response to Complaint Form to the North Carolina Division of Non-Public Education staff, at which time it is reviewed by the DNPE staff and one of the following occurs:
    1. If it is concluded that the allegations do not establish a violation of the home school statutes (G.S. 115C-563-565), a letter is sent to the complainant confirming this, along with a copy of the school's response.
      A copy of this letter is also sent to the school's chief administrator.
    2. If it appears that a non-public education statute has been violated, the DNPE staff shall conduct a further investigation to determine whether or not the school has automatically terminated its legal status by failure, after a reasonable amount of time, to meet all of the appropriate non-public education statutes governing that type of non-public school.
      If the school has indeed automatically terminated its legal status, local compulsory attendance enforcement authorities will be notified who will then begin legal proceedings against the parents of the students currently enrolled in the school.

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