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Private schools with only one administrator and additional locations are only required to submit one Notice of Intent to Operate, with all locations listed on that form. Private schools with separate administrators and multiple locations should complete a Notice of Intent to Operate for each campus. 

If a school is uncertain about how to add multiple locations through the online portal, they may email to ensure their file is updated. The email should include the following:  

  1. Name of school
  2. Each location, with physical addresses, along with current fire and sanitation inspections for each location.

Once the updates have been made the school will receive an email confirming that the additions to their school have been made.

Driver Eligibility Certificates 

Non-public school students under 18 must obtain a Driver's Eligibility Certificate before they are able to obtain an NC driver's license or learner's permit

Learn the requirements and procedures for obtaining the Driver's Eligibility Certificate. 

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