Other North Carolina Statutes of Interest to Non-Public Schools

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Other North Carolina Statutes of Interest to Non-Public Schools
Abandonment, Infant
7B-302(a). Assessment by director
7B-500. Taking a juvenile into temporary custody
14-322. Abandonment and failure to support spouse and children
14-322.1. Abandonment of child or children for six months
14-322.3. Abandonment of an infant under seven days of age
Abuse & Neglect, Child
7B-101. Definitions
7B-301. Duty to report abuse or neglect
7B-302. Investigation process
7B-303. Interference with an investigation
14-318.2. A Class I Misdemeanor
Bomb Threats
14-69.1. Making false reports
14-69.2. Perpetrating hoax by use of false bomb or other devices
14-269.2. Possessing or carrying one on campus or on other educational property
115C-391(d3). Public school suspension for bomb threats
20-4.01(27)d3. Definition of a school activity bus
20-4.01(27)d4. Definition of a school bus
20-218. School bus driver qualifications & school bus speed limits
20-218.2. Speed limit for nonprofit activity buses
115C-242(1). Public school buses
Care, Child
110-86. Definitions
110-88. Powers and duties of the Commission
110-88.1. Commission may not interfere with religious training
110-90. Powers and duties of Secretary of HHS
110-102.1A. Unauthorized administration of medication
110-106. Religious sponsored child care facilities
110-129.2. Employers required to report new hires
114-15.3. Investigations of child sexual abuse in child care.
For Child Care Rules enacted by the North Carolina Child Care Commision, click on Rules and Regulations
Care, Residential Child
131D-10.1. Purpose
131D-10.2. Definitions
131D-10.3. Licensure required
131D-10.3A. Mandatory criminal checks
131D-10.4. Exemptions
Compulsory Attendance

Children required to attend

For North Carolina State Board of Education compulsory attendance rules, click on "Administrative Procedures Act (APA) Policy Listing" and then on policy numbers TCS-L-001 through TCS-L-004 after first clicking here.

115C-379. Method of enforcement
115C-380. Penalty for violation
15A‑1340.23. Punishment limits for each class of offense
115C-381. School social workers; reports; prosecutions
115C-382. Investigation of indigency
14-27.7(b). Rape and other sex offenses
14-33. Assaults
14-35. Hazing
14-190.1 thru
Obscene literature and exhibitions
14-202.4. Taking indecent liberties with a student
14-269.2. Weapons on campus
14-269.7. Prohibitions on handguns for minors
14-288.4. Disorderly conduct
14-288.18. Injunction to cope with emergencies
14-315. Selling or giving weapons to minors
18B-102 Manufacture, sale, etc., of alcoholic beverages
18B-302 Sale of alcoholic beverages to or purchase by underage persons
90-95(e)(8). Drug offenses committed on the school campus
Corporal Punishment  (Public Schools of North Carolina)
115C-390. School personnel may use reasonable force
115C-391. Corporal punishment, suspension, or expulsion of pupils
Counselor Privilege, School
8-53.4. Certified counselor privilege
Criminal Record Checks
114-19.2. Criminal record checks of school personnel
Diseases, Communicable
130A-136. School principals and child care operators to report
130A-142. Immunity of persons who report
130A-143. Confidentiality of records
20-11. Issuance of learner's permits & drivers license to students under age 18

Driver education

For North Carolina State Board of Education rules concerning this topic, click on "Administrative Procedures Act (APA) Policy Listing" and then on policy number GCS-R-001 through GCS-R-004 after first clicking here.

20-141.1. Speed limits in school zones
115C-105.25(b)(4). Budget flexibility
115C-215. Instruction in driver training and safety education
115C-216. Boards of education required to provide courses
163-42.1. Student election assistants
Eye Protection Devices, Required
115C-166. Eye protection devices required in certain courses
115C-167. Visitors to wear eye safety devices
115C-168. Industrial-quality eye protective devices" defined
115C-169. Corrective-protective devices
 58-79-35. Fire drills and fire prevention
 115C-525. Fire prevention and hazards
Food, Selling of
105-164.13(26). Food sold not for profit
14-117. Fraudulent and deceptive advertising
14-118.2. Academic credit by fraudulent means
14-122.1. Falsifying documents
Health Assessments for Public School Kindergarten Students
130A-440(d). Health assessment required
130A-440.1. Early Childhood Vision Care
Immunization Requirements, Student
130A-152. Immunization required
130A-153. Obtaining immunization
130A-154. Certificate of immunization
130A-155. Submission of certificate to authorities; record maintenance
130A-156. Medical exemption
130A-157. Religious exemption
North Carolina Information
144. State flag, motto and colors
145. State symbols and other official adoptions
147-54. Distribution of the North Carolina Manual by Secretary of State
149. State song and toast
Post High School Non-Public Educational Institutions
   through 97.
Proprietary schools
116-15. Licensing of certain non-public post secondary institutions
14-60. Burning of schoolhouses
14-62.2 Burning of churches and religious buildings
14-67-1. Burning other buildings
14-132. Damage to property
14-288.19. Governor's power to order evacuation of public buildings
40A-3. Eminent domain
130A-444 thru 453. Asbestos Hazard Management
130A-453.01 thru 453.21.  Lead-Based Paint Hazard Management
159D-37(4a), (6a)a. Private Capital Facilities Finance Act
Public Schools of North Carolina
115C-12(9)d. Authority for compulsory attendance enforcement

Authority to regulate interscholastic athletic competition

For North Carolina State Board of Education rules concerning this topic, click on "Administrative Procedures Act (APA) Policy Listing" and then on policy number HRS-D-001 after first clicking here.

115C-81. Basic Education Program
115C-84.2. School calendar

Right to purchase; disposal of textbooks & materials

For North Carolina State Board of Education textbook disposition rules, click on “Administrative Procedures Act (APA) Policy Listing” and then on policy number GCS-H-005 after first clicking here.


Contracts with private service providers

For North Carolina State Board of Education rules concerning this topic, click on "Administrative Procedures Act (APA) Policy Listing" and then on policy number GCS-D-001 through GCS-D-005 after first clicking here.

115C-288. Powers and duties of principal
115C-307. Duties of teachers
115C-323. Employee health certificates

Kindergarten admission requirements

For North Carolina State Board of Education kindergarten early admission rules, click on "Administrative Procedures Act (APA) Policy Listing" and then on policy number GCS-J-001 after first clicking here.

115C-375.1. To provide some medical care to students
115C-402. Maintenance of student records
115C-407. Tobacco usage in public schools
115C-409(b). Federally funded instructional material availability
Sanitation in Schools
130A-235. Regulation of sanitation in institutions
130A-236. Regulation of sanitation in schools
130A-237. Corrective action
Sex Offender Registration
14-208.17. Employment restrictions
14-208.16. Residential restrictions
 132-1.10. Social security numbers & other personal identifying information
Solicitation Licensure, Charitable
131F-3. Exemptions
State Government Finances
NC Const. Art. IX, Sec. 6, 7. Aid to schools
State Government Records
132-1. Public records defined
132-6. Inspection and examination of records
Tax Exemption, Property
NC Const. Art. V, Sec. 2. Property held for educational purposes
105-164.13(26). Food sold not for profit
Testing, Standardized
115C-174.11. Components of the public school testing program
115C-174.13. Public records exemption
115C-174.14. Provisions for nonpublic schools
115C-288(a). Prohibition against double-testing of non-public school students
95-25.1 thru 25.25. Wage and hour act
Youth Employment
95-25.5. General provisions