4615A - Ammunition & Firearms


PDF • 263.53 KB - June 13, 2024

This contract covers ammunition and firearms in the following categories:

  1. Ammunition Pistol (Handgun) 
  2. Ammunition Rifle
  3. Ammunition Shotgun
  4. Ammunition Training
  5. Firearms Pistol (Handgun)
  6. Firearms Rifles
  7. Firearms Shotguns
  8. Firearms Optics
  9. Firearms Suppressors
  10. Firearms Accessory/Parts

This is a mandatory statewide term contract for state agencies, departments, institutions, universities, and community colleges - unless exempted by North Carolina general statute. Additionally, non-mandatory entities, including schools and local government, that are allowed by general statute may use this contract.

Contract Manager: Evan Roe

Telephone Number: 984-236-0239

e-Procurement Status: Not loaded