Items Wanted

The Federal Surplus branch of Division of Surplus Property provides an Items Wanted List allowing eligible donees the opportunity to request hard to find, limited quantity, high cost items for donees. The list is active for one year and the donee must contact Federal Surplus to renew requested items on the Items Wanted List.

The following ground rules must be followed when requesting items on the Items Wanted List:

  • Anyone acquiring property must be a donee in good standing.
  • Our office (919-814-5615) can verify your present donee status.
  • You must follow the chain of command established by your entity to become a person able to acquire property. The chief official for your entity or their designee may sign for property.
  • When obtaining property, please come prepared with a truck and/or trailer to take the property with you. In the event transportation is not possible at the time you visit, property may be tagged and must be picked up within three working days. 
  • Property must be put into use within 12 months from the date acquired (or request an extension) and used for 18 months from the date the property is put into service. After 18 months of use, the property becomes the property of the entity.
  • It is a criminal offense, punishable by law, to use Federal Surplus for personal use, given to, or sold to individuals during the 12 months until the property is put into service and during the 18 months once put into service until completion of services.
  • The property must be listed on the entity's inventory and must be used in North Carolina.
  • 3-Day Holding Period: When a donee holds property for three days, the hold date starts the next working day and runs for three working days excluding holidays and weekends.
  • Equitable Distribution: Limits on the amount of property tagged by a donee representative will depend upon availability, donee standing, equitable distribution to all interested donees, and time restraints.

GSA Office of Civil Rights Notice: Be sure your Title VI & IX Non-discrimination Poster is displayed. Contact Chantelle Smalley at or 919-814-5617 in the event you need a poster to display.

Place Items on the Items Wanted List

To place items on the Items Wanted List, please mail to:

Federal Surplus
Attn: Chantelle Smalley
1311 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, NC 27699-1311

You may also contact Chantelle Smalley at or 919-814-5617 with your request. If you submit a request by email, be sure to use the official agency email address and include your name, donee organization name and phone number.

When the wanted item arrives, you will be notified by a Federal Surplus Representative.