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The MFM Garage, located at 1915 Blue Ridge Road, services all MFM vehicles. The garage provides the following services: oil changes, emissions & safety inspections, telematics services, repairs and emergency repair services (vehicle not starting, flat tires, etc.) and car washes.

When necessary, loaner vehicles may be available. The MFM gas pump is in operation during business hours: Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. The pump is closed during weekends and holidays.

For vehicles outside the Raleigh area, operators can find an authorized repair facility through Holman.

Holman Automotive Services

MFM has partnered with Holman Automotive Services, which offers a unique set of complementary services that address your vehicle needs. Holman strives to provide 100% customer satisfaction in accordance with Motor Fleet Management program specifications. 

Do: Ensure vehicles are maintained, repaired and inspected. Holman and Motor Fleet Service Department will email you when services are required. If you do not receive such emails, or if you have questions, contact Motor Fleet at 919-733-6540 or Service.MFM@doa.nc.gov.

Don’t: Request extra services, parts (special tires), vehicle modifications, or unscheduled services without permission from Holman and Motor Fleet Management. Services performed without permission from Holman and MFM will be charged back to the driver’s agency. 

For vehicle service inside the Raleigh area (within 20 miles), visit Motor Fleet Management, 1915 Blue Ridge Road, Raleigh. MFM is open Mondays – Fridays, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. For appointments call 919-733-7772.

For vehicle service outside the Raleigh area, please call Holman at 1-800-277-8181 to find an authorized repair facility. If you’ve received a “services due” email from Holman and you already have an existing relationship with a Holman authorized repair facility, take the vehicle and the email to the repair facility and ask them to complete the services. 

Vehicle Preventative Maintenance

All Motor Fleet leased vehicles utilize the same preventative maintenance schedule with services due every 7,500 miles — with the exception of Nissan Pathfinders and all Law Enforcement Vehicles, which receive maintenance every 5,000 miles. Assigned drivers will be notified of preventative maintenance through an email from Holman services and are required to complete any required repairs within 30 days.


All of Motor Fleet Management’s assigned vehicles require either a safety or emissions inspection annually. Inspections are due by the end of the month noted on the vehicle registration. 

Newer vehicles (less than 3 years) with under 70,000 miles only require a safety inspection. Vehicles with white private tags require an annual safety and emissions inspection. Both are due by the expiration date printed on the registration card. All state-owned vehicles, regardless of location, require an NC Emissions Inspection. Inspections must be done in a North Carolina Emissions County.  


New tire purchases and tire related services are governed by the Tire State Term Contract 2517A. The contract is mandatory and lists vendors which agencies are to use for tire purchases.

Agency Fleet Coordinators may order vehicle mats and key fob batteries for their vehicles by calling MFM at 919-733-7772 and asking for the parts department.


Printable Accident Guidelines

All vehicles involved in accidents or other incidents must be reported within 24 hours. Drivers, Supervisors, or Agency Fleet Coordinators must either complete the Holman Accident/Incident Report Form and submit it to fleetclaims@holman.com, or call Holman at 1-800-277-8181 to report the accident.  Accident reports must be complete and include all the details of the circumstances, conditions, parties, and vehicles involved.  

Roadside Assistance & Towing

Holman is available to help with vehicle break down, dead battery, flat tire, keys locked in car, etc. 

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Contact Us

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