Employee Commuter Options

Employees are encouraged to use programs available for commuting to work to reduce driving costs and reduce demand for parking.

GoPass Program for Wake County Employees

Information coming soon.

Free Transit for July 2024

GoTriangle is offering riders free rides during the month of July if they download and register an account with the Umo app. State employees who take advantage of this offer should make their Umo account using their state email account

More information can be found on the GoTriangle website.

VanPool Subsidy for Downtown State Employees

Downtown state employees who are members of a GoTriangle vanpool may be eligible for a $15 monthly subsidy and up to 24 daily parking passes annually to use on days when they must drive to work. Employees must not have an assigned parking space to receive the subsidy and passes. Learn more about GoTriangle vanpools.

Obtain more information or apply for the Vanpool Subsidy program.

Emergency Ride Home

Employees who use alternatives to commute to work may register for the Emergency Ride Home program, a GoTriangle service. 

Other Options & Additional Information