About State Surplus Property Agency

Who We Are

The State Surplus Property Agency (SSPA) is divided into four business units: vehicle sales, general property sales, recycling, and administrative services. 

SSPA has a team of gifted administrators who answer the phones, take payments, train staff, and oversee the bid process.  When you call our main number (919-814-5600), our administrative services team will be ready to assist you.  

Our agency is 100% receipt supported and we do not receive any taxpayer funding. Our budget comes from a small administrative fee. Because of this, customer service is our number one goal!

How We Can Help You

Are you a community college or municipality? Our auction site has over 12,000 registered public bidders from across the country.  We can provide an audit trail for all of your surplus property and all proceeds can help fund your city, town, school, or county.  Do you have furniture and other unused items taking up space in your warehouse?  Sell them online with us or send them to our warehouse in Raleigh and we will sell the item(s) for you! This saves you the time and hassle of answering calls or scheduling viewings and it gets those items out of your way!

Other Benefits of Using State Surplus Property

  • Access to our promotional site - allows you to view items offered by other state agencies and municipalities before they go to public auction.  This enables you to negotiate sales with the owning agency for items you may need for your school, city, county or town.
  • Recycling - we can assist with providing an audit trail and processing of your recycle needs.
  • Access to the Federal Surplus Property Agency
  • Did we mention amazing customer service?

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