About HUB

The HUB Office was created by Executive Order 150 April 20, 1999. The HUB Office was codified, established by law and provided operational funding during the 2001 Legislative Session.

The HUB Office was established to:

  • Increase the amount of goods and services acquired by state agencies from businesses owned and controlled by HUB firms;
  • Work towards eliminating barriers that reduce the participation of HUB firms in the marketplace, and in state government procurement and contracting;
  • Encourage purchasing officers and capital project coordinators within the state agencies, departments, universities and community colleges to identify and utilize HUB vendors, contractors and service providers;
  • Educate HUB firms on “How To Do Business” with the State of North Carolina; and
  • Provide resources for HUB firms.

Policy Statement

The Office for Historically Underutilized Businesses will advocate and promote the utilization
of HUB firms in the purchase of goods and services, including construction, certify HUB firms, and monitor reporting requirements to determine compliance in accordance with North Carolina
General Statutes and Administrative Rules.

Our Vision

The HUB Office is an organization that advocates actions which increase opportunities for historically underutilized businesses and promotes diversity and inclusion in state government procurement and contracting.

Our Mission

To promote economic opportunities for historically underutilized businesses in state government contracting and procurement that will foster their growth and profitability.