What is a Billed Service Request?

Maintenance requests pertain to items of existing building system equipment in a facility allocated to the Department of Administration. This equipment includes electrical, HVAC, and plumbing items. Facility Management Division's budget covers the maintenance and replacement costs for this equipment.

Maintenance requests do not cover carpet installation or replacement, window treatments such as blinds or curtains, or installation or reconfiguration of modular furniture. These items are office furnishings and any maintenance is the responsibility of the agency. Although carpet installation is on state contract, please contact Facility Management for advice on covering electrical floor tracks. Carpet contractors can be found through the Division of Purchase and Contract. Furniture repair and refinishing is a billed service.

Installation of computer data and telephone lines must be requested through Information Technology Services

Billed service requests are used when an agency needs something that does not exist or needs to be changed from its present configuration. Examples include new electrical circuits, reconfiguration of interior walls and doors, keys, access cards, and signs. These items must be a billed service because it would be impossible for Facility Management to budget for the needs of an agency. A written estimate will be provided to the requester if the cost exceeds $500.00. Each agency must budget for their respective needs.