Report Building Issues

There is not enough Facility Management staff to be everywhere in 125 facilities consisting of over 5.39 million square feet of office space and on 850 acres of landscaped grounds. Fortunately, each one of these state-owned facilities has one or more state employees designated as a building coordinator to serve as a liaison to the NCDOA Facility Management Division.

Any employee who observes a problem should report it to the appropriate building coordinator who will report the problem to Work Control. This will help to eliminate duplicate reporting of the same problem.

The building coordinators should be the only ones to use the ReaDY app unless it is a true emergency. In that situation, the first person to observe an emergency situation should report it immediately to Work Control.

For Building Coordinators

Log into the ReADY portal to report issues, request alterations and track work orders. ReADY is a web-based solution, so coordinators will need to use their NCID to log in. 

Training for ReADY is available.