Driver's Toolkit

All drivers of state-owned vehicles must abide by all Motor Fleet Management regulations as well as any applicable agency fleet policies. This site has resources to help drivers understand their responsibilities.

Fueling State Vehicles

Motor Fleet Management’s WEX Fuel Card allows authorized state employees to buy fuel for state vehicles while automatically deducting federal, state and local sales taxes from fuel purchases. WEX cards can be used 24/7 and are accepted nationwide. If lost, WEX helps MFM provide a replacement within 24 hours (919-733-6540).

Printable Fueling Guide

Tab/Accordion Items

  • Each vehicle is issued a WEX fuel card with a unique pin number (driver ID #).
  • Do not keep card and PIN # in the same place. Do not write the ID/PIN number on the card.
  • Keep card and vehicle keys locked in an office or another secure location when not in use.
  • If the card is lost or damaged, the PIN # does not change.
  • If the card is compromised, you will have to contact MFM for a new PIN #.

What May Be Purchased Using WEX Fuel Card

  • Fuel. Regular Unleaded gas only. 
  • Car Washes. Before purchasing a carwash at the pump when fueling, know your agency’s car wash policy. Fuel and car wash costs are charged back to the driver’s agency.

What May Not Be Purchased Using WEX Fuel Card

  • Anything other than fuel or a car wash purchased at the pump.
  • High grade, mid-grade and premium fuel
  • Anything for personal use. Personal purchases are prohibited.
  • Any in-store items.

Drivers Must...

  • Use WEX Fuel Cards only for official state use of the assigned vehicle. The car number on the card must match the vehicle.
  • Enter correct information at the pump when prompted (such as correct odometer reading).
  • Report issues immediately. For lost or stolen cards, forgotten PINs, or other issues call Motor Fleet at 919-733-6540, “ext 2” or email (PIN numbers will not be sent via email).

  1. Know your current odometer. You will need to enter this before fueling. 
  2. Swipe card. Insert your card, then quickly retract it from the card reader. 
  3. Input driver ID number. Your Driver ID is a six-digit number that is uniquely assigned to your card and is required before making any purchase with a WEX card. Once your card is swiped, you will need to enter your driver ID before you can proceed to the next step. 
  4. Input odometer. Vehicle mileage (odometer reading) also must be entered before fueling can begin. This allows fleet managers to access records and schedule maintenance needs. 
  5. Fuel up. Once you have entered your mileage and your driver ID, the pump will approve your purchase. You can then select fuel type “Regular Unleaded” and fill up your vehicle.

Warning: Each swipe of the WEX card counts as a transaction even if you enter the wrong PIN #. Only two attempts are allowed per day, even if no fuel is dispensed. If you’re traveling long distances, need a third fill-up, or have a failed transaction, you must contact Motor Fleet. 

  • The WEX Card is accepted at many commercial sites. Find gas station that accepts WEX fuel card
  • E10 Fuel is available at the Motor Fleet facility at 1915 Blue Ridge Road, Raleigh, NC and most any convenience store in the Triangle area.
  • Find a gas station that sells E85
  • ChargePoint has partnered with WEX to provide charging solutions for Electric Vehicles (EVs).  All Motor Fleet Management-assigned EVs come with a ChargePoint card. Simply drive up to one of the nearly 800 ChargePoint locations in North Carolina, waive your MFM assigned ChargePoint RFID card near the reader, and plug in! 

  • Contact MFM at 919-733-6540 during working hours. There is not an after-hours support line. Unfortunately, the WEX customer support will not be able to help as you are not WEX customer (Motor Fleet is). You will have to contact Motor Fleet. 
  • MFM does not reimburse for out-of-pocket fuel purchases. Consult your agency’s policy for out-of-pocket expenses.

Maintenance & Repair - What You Need to Know

NCDOA’s Motor Fleet Management has partnered with Holman Automotive Services to offer emergency assistance if something happens when you are driving a state-owned vehicle. Holman technicians are available 24 hours a day at 1-800-277-8181 to help with accidents, incidents, or breakdowns.

Printable Maintenance Guide

Tab/Accordion Items

Do: Ensure vehicles are maintained, repaired and inspected. Holman and Motor Fleet Service Department will email you when services are required. If you do not receive such emails, or if you have questions, contact Motor Fleet at 919-733-6540 or

Don’t: Request extra services, parts (special tires), vehicle modifications, or unscheduled services without permission from Holman and Motor Fleet Management. Services performed without permission from Holman and MFM will be charged back to the driver’s agency.

All Motor Fleet leased vehicles should have preventative maintenance every 7,500 miles except for Nissan Pathfinders and all law enforcement vehicles, which receive maintenance every 5,000 miles. Holman services will email assigned drivers about preventative maintenance. Drivers are required to complete any required repairs within 30 days.

All of Motor Fleet Management’s assigned vehicles require either a safety or emissions inspection annually. Inspections are due by the end of the month noted on the vehicle registration. 

About Inspections 

  • Newer vehicles (less than 3 years) with under 70,000 miles only require a safety inspection. 
  • Vehicles with white private tags require an annual safety and emissions inspection. Both are due by the expiration date printed on the registration card. 
  • All state-owned vehicles, regardless of location, require an NC Emissions Inspection. Inspections must be done in a North Carolina Emissions County.

Raleigh area (within 20 miles) – visit Motor Fleet Management, 1915 Blue Ridge Road, Raleigh. MFM is open Mondays – Fridays, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. For appointments call 919-733-7772 

Outside of Raleigh - call Holman at 1-800-277-8181 to find an authorized repair facility. 

Time saver tip: If Holman notified you that services are due and you’ve used a Holman-authorized repair facility before, take the vehicle and the email notification to the repair facility and ask them to complete the services due.

Call Holman - 1-800-277-8181 

Holman is available to help with vehicle break down, dead battery, flat tire, keys locked in car, etc.

What to Do If You’re In an Accident

NCDOA’s Motor Fleet Management has partnered with Holman Automotive Services to offer you emergency assistance if something happens when you are driving a state-owned vehicle. Holman technicians are available 24 hours a day at 1-800-277-8181 to help with accidents, incidents, or breakdowns. All incidents must be reported within 24 hours of the event.

Printable Accident Guide

Tab/Accordion Items

  1. Take pictures of the accident scene. 
    If you are able and it is safe, take pictures of the vehicles in the roadway. Show all vehicles together and then individually. Take pictures showing the damage. 
  2. Get to a safe place. 
    If you are able and it is safe, move the vehicle out of harm’s way. If you cannot move the vehicle, turn on hazard lights to warn other drivers then get to a safe area. Never leave the scene of an accident. 
  3. Call the police.
    As soon as you are able, call 911 to notify the police of the incident. Be ready to provide details including location, number of people in the car, any injuries, and your contact information. 
  4. Gather information. 
    1. Write down as much information as possible to include in the accident report to Holman. 
    2. Date, time, and exact location of incident 
    3. Year, make, model, license plate #, color of all involved vehicles 
    4. Contact information of all involved parties, witnesses, and responding officers 
    5. Note things such as weather, and traffic conditions. 
    6. Insurance company and policy number from all involved parties. 
    7. What police department was contacted/Incident report number. (Be sure to record the police report number given to you by the authorities.) 
    8. All injuries need to be notated (and reported immediately).
  5. Report the accident ASAP 
    Drivers must report the accident to: 1) their supervisor, 2) agency fleet coordinator, 3) Holman and Motor Fleet Management. 
    Note: Do not report the accident to Travelers Insurance (Motor Fleet will do this)
  6. Contact Holman to arrange towing if necessary.
  7. If the vehicle is not repairable, MFM will send your agency an email with vehicle replacement instructions. 

Time saving tip: Use the accident form to email the accident report to Holman and copy

Calls to the Holman call center are answered first come first serve so you may have to hold for a representative. They are available 24/7 at 1-800-277-8181. If asked, the North Carolina Holman client number is “5 E H 0” (five, E, H, zero).