eVP Department Maintenance Form

Purpose and Instructions

The purpose of this form is to ensure accurate and up-to-date department information, particularly concerning the department director and lead purchasing or procurement officer. By collecting this information, we aim to streamline our procurement processes, maintain effective communication, and enhance overall departmental efficiency.

Use this form to update an active department's contact or address by selecting Updating Information for the first question and completing the section that requires updates. Do not complete sections that are not being updated. 

This form can also be used to establish a new department that wants to post solicitations or requires access to submit HUB reports.  Select "Requesting Establishment of New Department" for the first question and provide the requested information. 

After submission, you will receive a system generated confirmation of your submission. Processing time for existing department updates is 2-3 business days. Processing time for new departments is 4-5 business days. 

Who Should Submit

Authorized personnel, which include the department directors and purchasing officers and NCeP security administrators should complete and submit this form. Unauthorized requests will not be processed. 

Department Directors and Purchasing Officers are the designated points of contact identified on the department's system record.

Maintaining Department Information 

To ensure the accuracy of the eVP department information, it is critical that departments accept responsibility to update the department information as appropriate. All updates such as address, director, purchasing officer, etc should promptly be made using this form. The department record information is the official means of communication from the Division of Purchase & Contract. Failure to maintain accurate department information may result in missed updates from the division.

Indicates required field
Are you updating information for an existing eVP agency or requesting establishment of a new department?

Requester Information

What is your role for your department?
Requester Information


Procurement Director Contact Information

Do you need to update Procurement Director details?


Department Information

Do you need to update department details?
Department Address
Does this department need to report HUB spend in this system?


Purchasing Officer Contact Information

Do you need to update Purchasing Officer details?
On-Site Address

Only authorized personnel, such as department directors and purchasing officers, should complete and submit this form. These individuals possess the necessary knowledge and authority to provide accurate department information and make procurement-related decisions.