New NC Building Code 2018

Update on Building Code

The 2018 NC Building Code as printed on the NC DOI website, has been adopted by the Building Code Council at the June 2017 quarterly meeting. It is presently pending Rules Review. The review may not be completed until September, so we cannot promise there will not be some minor changes, but to date there are no anticipated issues with the timeline discussed in the previous Engineering Newsletter.

Tho 2018 NC Code (Except Electrical) will become adopted no later than July 1 , 2018, and then we enter into a (minimum} six month overtop timeframe where either the 2012 NC code or the 2018 Is acceptable. Then on January 1, 2019, the 2018 NC code is effective, and the 2018 NC Code is the requirement. This timeframe of overlap may be extended, but that cannot be predicted at this time. The 2018 Electrical Code will become effective April 1, 2018.

Remember, the newly adopted 2018 NC Building Code, once it clears Rules Review, is like any other code amendment and can be used as an alternate method prior to the effective date if requested by the user. Reference NC Administrative Code Section 102.5.