Interscope is North Carolina's Construction Projects Management System.  The system is designed to track the life cycle of Capital Projects from the time they are authorized, until they are closed out, including funding sources and HUB data.

Accessing Interscope

Log on to the Interscope System

  • You can request a user logon from the Interscope Logon Screen

The Capital Project Coordinator (CPC) will provide pre-approval for state agency, university and community college user logon accounts. Please verify your request with your designated CPC before submitting your request.

Technical Support

  • Password Reminder:  Visit the Interscope Logon Screen to obtain a password reminder.
  • General Technical Support:  You may click the 'Report a Problem" button within the Interscope system to submit a trouble ticket to our office.
  • Other Support Options: Please contact for all other support requests.



Training Materials Library

These training materials are a work in progress and we will continue to build this Library.

The training materials here are in no particular order.  If you are new to Interscope, it may be helpful to start with the Overview and Definitions training. 

Additional training materials are listed under the help menu from within the Interscope application.